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Monday, October 3, 2011

Allison Johns

Allison Johns drank and she was good at it. Her older brother Alex taught her how to mix drinks for him from the time she was old enough hold a glass. Dad and mom both worked upper management corporate jobs in Hollywood requiring them to travel a great deal plus when they weren’t traveling they both worked fourteen hour days. In their parents’ absence, their nanny and housekeeper, Mrs. Stewart, raised Alex and Allison to be good little clones of dad and mom, dressing them in slacks and skirts that mimicked their parents’ way of dress.

Born in southern California; Allison lived in one of the most expensive homes situated in an exclusive sea side enclave hidden just outside Malibu Hills. She was three years younger than her brother Alex, who alternately fawned over her and ignored her completely, especially when his friends came to the house to play pick-up basketball games and to watch movies and to swim in the Olympic-sized pool out back of the forty room mansion where they lived.

Watching the boys swimming in the pool from her bedroom window overlooking the back yard while sipping on a quadruple screwdriver—her first of the day but not her last—Allison felt left out… as if no one even knew she was alive. She was fourteen years old, developing quickly into the woman she’d become. She put on what she called her teeny-weeny pink bikini, covered it up with a robe, grabbed a towel, perched her sunglasses on top of her head, picked up her drink and a book, and headed downstairs to the pool.

As she walked out the sliding glass doors to make her way to the swimming pool, she saw the boys ignoring her, continuing their rough-house play in the water. But when she took off her robe and lay down on a chaise lounge pool-side, then she noticed their eyes on her. She overheard one boy asking Alex if that was his sister, pointing to Allison. Alex said, “Yes,” and he seemed perturbed as he asked her if she couldn’t sunbath somewhere else. Allison balanced on her sunglasses on the tip of her nose, set down her drink, picked up a book, lay back in the lounger, and acted as if she hadn’t heard a word.

“Where are you going, Tom?” she heard Alex yell. Looking up from her book, she saw the boy who’d asked about her swimming over to the edge of the pool and hauling himself out. She liked the way his wet skin rippled in the sunshine. He walked dripping towards Allison, sitting on the lounger next to her.

“You’re Allison, right?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” Allison answered. “And you’re Tom.”

The boy blushed. After a few moments he asked, “Are you starting high school this year?”

“Uh huh,” she said. “Do you go to Malibu Cove too?”

“No,” Tom said. “I go to Agoura High. It’s a pretty good school as far as public schools go. I’m going to be a junior this year.”

“Oh, yes, I bet it is a good school. I’d probably be going there too but our parents make us go to Malibu Cove. It’s a ritzy shitzy school… they think it’s the greatest… they like anything that costs lots of money. That’s why I’m not going to Agoura. I was kind of hoping we’d see each other. I could use a few friends. But I guess not…”

An enormous wave of water struck them both. Alex and the other two boys with him were pummeling the water with their open hands, sending it cascading over Tom and Allison. They both jumped to their feet. The splashing stopped as suddenly as it started. Allison noticed that she was the center of attention… all eyes on her chest. She looked down to see that the wet bikini fabric showed a perfect outline of her now erect nipples.

“Put your robe on, Allison,” Alex ordered. He looked stern sounding like dad but Allison noticed he couldn’t keep his eyes off her either. So instead of doing as Alex told her, she reached behind her back, undid her top, and flashed the boys her breasts. Their mouths dropped open as their eyes grew big as donuts. She grabbed her robe to cover up and fled back into the house. Breathing hard by the time she reached her bedroom, she looked out the window. The boys were still standing where she’d left them, giggling among themselves.

Later that night, Allison was in her bedroom. She had her pajamas on, a gin and tonic next to her on the night stand, and she was lying in bed reading Pride and Prejudice with four pillows behind her back propping her up. There came a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Allison said, throwing a handkerchief over her drink in case it was Mrs. Stewart. She knew mom and dad were gone.

“Hey Allison,” Alex said, poking his head around the door. “Can I come in?”

“Of course, silly,” Allison said. “Come on in.” He walked over to her, sitting down on the bed.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry about today,” he said.

“I guess I’m the one who should be saying sorry,” Allison said. She had a good buzz on, like every night about this time.

“No, you didn’t do anything,” Alex said. “Those guys are pigs.”

“Did you like it?” Allison teased. “I saw you looking too.”

“Well, you sure are growing up,” Alex admitted.

“Do you want to see them again?” Allison asked, starting to unbutton her pajama top, one button at a time. She saw his eyes grow big, eager in anticipation.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Allison,” Alex said. But his eyes didn’t move away from her chest. She undid the last button and opened up her top, quick at first, and then hiding herself again. She giggled at the disappointment she saw in Alex’s eyes. She opened up her top again, more slowly, and kept it open this time.

“You can touch them if you want,” Allison said, arching her back a little, looking down and taking one of her breasts in her hand, cupping it for him to see.

Alex reached over and caressed one breast, and then the other. His hands felt firm yet tender and warm. He was shaking. Allison felt her nipples growing hard and something between her legs start to tingle.

“They’re so soft,” Alex said. His voice sounded funny.

“That feels good,” Allison breathed. “Squeeze them just a little bit… yes, that’s right. Pinch my nipples… a little harder. Rub them between your thumb and fingers. Oh, yes… don’t stop.” She reached a hand down inside her pajama bottoms to feel the tingling spot between her legs. She pressed it and felt something growing inside her. “Oh, don’t stop,” she moaned, as she had her very first orgasm with someone else around. Alex’s hand was gone. She lay back for a moment squeezing her breasts together and kneading her nipples with her fingertips.

“Here, take this,” Alex said. His pants were off… Allison didn’t remember him taking them off. He was pressing something hard into her hand. It was his cock. She’d seen her dad’s cock once when he came out of the shower not expecting her to be there. And she’d seen pictures in magazines and in dirty movies. But she’d never touched one before. “Doesn’t it feel warm?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” Allison agreed. She put both hands on it. “It’s soft but it is hard too. I like it.”

“Let me put it in your mouth,” Alex urged.

“Go ahead,” Allison agreed. He tasted of urine, sweat, and chlorine. “Wrap your lips around it,” he said. His hips moved back and forth, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until she felt him swelling inside her mouth. He began spurting. The spurting surprised her and she let go of his cock with her mouth and grabbed it in her hands. He continued to spurt into her hair and onto her face and chest.

“Oh, God, Allison, I’m so sorry,” Alex said. “We shouldn’t be doing this…”

“It’s okay, Alex,” she said wiping his warm stickiness from her body. “I kind of liked it. You surprised me, that’s all.” She licked some from her lips. It tasted of garlic and salt. “I’ll be ready next time.”

“We can’t tell anyone,” Alex said. “Promise? It’s our secret, right?”

“I promise,” Allison swore. Allison knew how to keep a secret. Besides, who was she going to tell?

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